A visit to Kempton can be summed up in one three-letter word: WOW! No photograph or video can prepare you for the breathtaking sight of the world’s largest working triple-expansion steam pumping engine in action. Come and see the huge 33-ton flywheels spinning round on their 30-ton crankshaft and watch the massive con rods rise and fall in rhythmic splendour. At 62 feet high, and weighing 1,000 tons, the engine is the size of a block of flats… and it’s not alone because our magnificent Art Deco building houses two of them!

One of our Worthington-Simpson Triples has been restored to working order and the other is maintained as a static display for guided tours. Our trained volunteers will lead you on a walk through engineering time, explaining the many features of the magnificent Triples and ending up at the very top, where you can take spectacular photographs of the engine house.